Handwriting Without Tears is  a developmentally based grapho-motor program created by Jan Olsen, an occupational therapist. The program is unique in incorporating hands-on activities for instruction to develop fine-motor skills, teach multi-sensory lessons and promote correct pencil grip.  Handwriting Without Tears facilitates Pre-K and elementary school students’ ability to learn the  step-by-step formation of upper and lower case letters in a fun and engaging way.

Handwriting Without Tears is taught in all classes at Children At Play. 

Three year old students are exposed to writing with an orientation program. They learn concepts like top to bottom. left to right, short and long, straight and curved. They are taught the beginning steps to holding a pencil correctly. Mid-year, students receive their first workbook.

Four year old students work through two workbooks throughout the school year. Handwriting Without Tears uses a multi-sensory approach with the use of different types of materials. The program includes a parent training workshop.

Private lessons can be arranging with limited availability. Call for more information if you are interested. Ask for Maureen or Angie at Children At Play, 718-370-7529 ext. 10.