Children At Play

Psychosocial Support Services

Children At Play’s Psychosocial Department provides many important programs for our Preschool and SEIS/Related Services families:

• Parent support group and workshops are offered monthly by our professional staff and noted guest speakers. Presentations are related to early childhood development, milestone achievement and topics of parent interest.

• Clinical services are available in the form of crisis intervention, response to short-termort term counseling for parents and children. Play therapy is an available service provided by licensed clinicians when approved by the New York City Department of Education.

• Members of the psychosocial department develop behavior management programs in coordination with parents and educators/therapists.

• Social workers are available to provide referrals, advocacy, and information pertaining to benefit and entitlement programs and community support services.

• Members of the psychosocial department provide assistance and support in helping families throughout all aspects of their child’s treatment including transition to the next level of the program (Board of Education, community-based programs, etc.).

• At the parents request, concrete and emotional support can be provided to families during stressful times in a confidential manner.

• Social workers and school psychologists are available to provide community workshops related to the social-emotional development of the child.