Special Education Preschool

Children who have been approved by the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) to receive center-based educational services can attend one of our classes. We have a 12:1:2 class and an 8:1:2 class. Both classes are five days a week with 5 hours of instruction, running from 8:30am-1:30pm. Each class is led by a Master’s level special education teacher licensed by New York State. Below are just a few of the programs we include in our full day class:


  • Bi-weekly feelings group lead by a Ph.D. Psychologist
  • Introduces feelings vocabulary to the students
  • Facilitates social/emotional competencies, emotional literacy, self control, social competence, positive peer relations, and interpersonal problem-solving skills
  • Reduces aggression and eliminates challenging behavior in preschool age children while simultaneously engaging the educational process in the classroom


  • Weekly story time lead by a Speech Therapist
  • Reinforces students’ pre-literacy, language, and communication
  • Enhances current curriculum and lesson plans, designed specifically for preschool students with developmental disabilities
  • Develops awareness of sounds, sound discrimination, work, and book

Motor Group

  • Biweekly gross motor group lead by both an Occupational Therapist and
    Physical Therapist
  • Increases gross motor activities and develops muscle strength, muscular endurance, motor planning, postural control, sensory processing
  • Promotes body awareness, balance, coordination, and students’ stamina
    to manage daily living activities
  • Builds confidence and willingness of students to try to tackle more complex motor tasks despite physical ability and skill challenges


  • Weekly movement, rhythm, and musical group
  • Emphasizes gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination, social skills, imitation skills, safety awareness, creative expressions, and imagination
  • Instructor uses integrated movement, rhythm, music therapy, and songs to create changes in behavior
  • Facilitates the development of communication, social-emotional, sensory-motor, and cognitive skills
  • Activities include singing, instrumental play, moving, and dancing

Curriculum Corner

  • Weekly theme-based program lead by the Assistant Preschool Director
  • Books and resources are given to the teaching staff to enhance the NYS Core Curriculum
  • Assigned projects and extracurricular activities are done with the students
  • Includes early learning materials, games, crafts, and resources
  • Helps to develop early learning skills and promotes creative development in preschoolers

Family School Association

  • Association of staff, parents, guardians, and participants
  • Creates a link between home, school, and community
  • Sponsors valuable services/workshops for the students, participants, and families

For more information about our preschool, please contact Joan Levinson at Joan@childrenatplayeic.org